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The POP design is a one-stop solution to get all kinds of Plaster of Paris-related works for house interiors. Here at Pop design, you can explore different kinds of pop design ideas to decorate your home with beauty and attractiveness.


What is pop design?

The pop design is the easy and efficient way to decorate your house interior with more beauty and attractiveness. Plaster of Paris is the quick setting plaster which is made by heating the gypsum at 120–180 °C. Nowadays pop has become the trend that is being used to design every single interior.


There are many advantages of using plaster of Paris, and one of them is it is the protective layer on roofs/ceilings and walls. And mostly used as a decorative element with moulding and casting.


What is a pop design for the ceiling?

POP or plaster of Paris is the best material to decorate the false ceiling or roofs. Everyone wants their home to look attractive and here at popdesign.in, we have the best collection of different pop design ideas for the false ceiling of every room.

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